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Glass Handling Robotics

Glass Racking for End of Line

QComp's glass racking systems utilize robotics to automatically take glass from a line or process and place to a rack, box or carton.

  • Capable of handling a large range of glass sizes.
  • Multiple stacked and multiple layered racks are easily loaded.
  • Two, dual-station rotary tables allow for staging of two full racks while two empty racks are staged for loading.
  • Servo-driven conveyors.
  • Optional linear track for extended robot work envelope.
  • Automatic tool changer for quick tool changing to handle multiple-sized lites.
  • “Tin-side” or “Air-side” loading.
  • Sensors determine exact location and angle of rack before robot loads glass on rack.
  • Seamless integration with line controls.
  • Vision system for precise placement of lites on rack.
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