Packaging & Material Handling Solutions

QComp robotic Manufacturing & Assembly applications cover a wide range of solutions, including Adhesive Applications, LED Light Assembly, Random Part Collating Picker, and Assemble, Label, Inspect and Pack.

The QComp approach is to work with our customers as partners in solving their automation problems. No one knows our customers obstacles like our customers do. We provide them with a talented engineering staff that is willing to listen and is experienced in packaging and material handling solutions with years of experience to draw from to overcome their obstacles. Our superior design approach utilizes our strengths by incorporating standard robots to provide robust, flexible, high throughput, and simple operation. We at QComp stand behind our solutions and will do what it takes to fulfill our commitment to our customers.

Manufacturing & Assembly Applications

Adhesive Applications

QComp designs standard and customized adhesive dispensing systems that can increase productivity and save you money.

LED Light Assembly

QComp's space-saving Robotic Solo Case Packer Cell packs individual products into a shipping case or container at up to 30 layer picks/min.

Random Part Collating Picker

QComp has engineered and installed many variations of feeding random parts into fixed automation equipment.

Assemble, Label, Inspect & Pack

Our packaging robot systems include assembly, labeling, RFID tags, vision inspection, carton and case packing.

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