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QComp’s robotic cartoning or tray filling cell was engineered to meet your lower speed, smaller budget requirements. The QComp cell utilizes either a Delta robot or a robotic arm to pick and place products. One robot cell option uses vision to pick randomly orientated products and place them into a carton. A second robot cell can pick collated products and place them into one or several cartons at a time. A typical robot cell footprint can be from 5' x 6' to 4' x 8' greatly depending on the product infeed and carton handling equipment.

The speed of these robots may be lower then hard automation alternatives in some cases however the flexibility gained by the robot cell and the ability to re-deploy the robot to another function increases its value. The QComp cell also provides a very cost effective method to automate processes providing quality checks and in most cases increased production capacity over manual cartoning. The QComp cartoner is designed for quick change over and has options for push button changeover. QComp is a very experienced robot and vision system integrator. Our systems are designed to be robust and easy to use, providing the highest up time and best throughput.

  • Compact footprint
  • Handles random product delivery
  • Push button change over
  • Large degree of flexibility
  • Vision guided
  • Low entry cost
  • Re-deployable for other opportunities
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