Robotic Case Packing & Palletizing Systems

Case Packer & Palletizer System

QComp combines the best features of its robotic Case Packing and Palletizing systems into one. The Case Packing & Palletizing System includes a case erector and case sealer to form the cases and seal them prior to palletizing. In total the manufacturer has three different case configurations and two different tub sizes. To accommodate the robot requires two different robot EOAT tooling peripherals to provide a quick change. The robot moves to a tool change position and within a few minutes the tool is changed- ready for the next type of case.

  • Quick change over.
  • Single point guide rail adjustments.
  • Quick change tooling.
  • Quick change funnel guides.
  • Safe. Meets highest RIA and ANSI standards.
  • Economical way to automate manual packing.
  • Gentle handling of products. Consistent and provides inspection and data collection.
  • Has a stand-alone control system for easy changeovers.
  • Pre-engineered solution for fast ROI.
  • Save floor space compared to other hard automated units.
  • Free workers to focus on higher-valued tasks.
  • Typically smaller four axis robot is fast and requires very little floor space in palletizing solution.
  • The lean palletizer is pre-assembled and tested providing minimal production interruption for installation and start up.
  • Several standard layouts available to meet your facility requirements.
  • Over-under layouts are available for the smallest foot print available.
  • Straight through layouts can be equipped with an empty pallet dispenser.
  • Various End of Arm Tools are available to pick up one case or multiple cases at a time.
  • The gripper can place slip sheets into the load where required.
  • QComp’s proprietary “Cool Tool” can automatically change the position of the vacuum cups to accommodate case size changes.

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Case Packer & Palletizer
QComp Pack and Palletize System slide 1 Robotic Case Packing Palletizing System
slide 2 of QComp Case Packer Palletizer Funnel Guides
slide 3 of QComp Case packer palletizer system Top view of Pick Zone
slide 4 closeup of QComp pick tool Pick Tool
slide 5 QComp Case Packer Palletizer Pick Tool Bottom View of Four Pick Tool
slide 6 of Tool & pallet build segment of QComp Case Packer Palletizer Tool and Pallet Build
slide 7 of QComp Case Packer Palletizer pick tool Four Tub / Two Case Pick Tool
slide 8 of QComp Case Packer Palletizer tier sheet stand Tier Sheet Stand and Pallet Build
slide 9 of QComp Case Packer Palletizer tool & funnel cart Tool and Funnel Cart


Case Packer & Palletizer for Cheese Producer

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