QComp Growth in the Flat Glass Industry is Clear

QComp robotic Glass Handling System

QComp Glass Handling SolutionsQComp continues its rapid growth in the flat glass industry. Their secret? They listened to the marketplace and offer glass handling robotics that handle a large range of sizes. QComp Glass Handling systems include:

Glass Line Feed Systems

QComp glass line feed systems utilize robotics to automatically take flat glass from a rack and place on a conveyor or in a process. READ MORE at Line Feed Systems

Glass Racking for End of Line

QComp’s glass racking systems utilize robotics to automatically take glass from a line or process and place it on a rack, or into a box, or carton. READ MORE at Glass Racking

Slotted Racking for IG End of Line

QComp’s slotted rack loading systems utilize robotics to take IG units from the end of an IG line and automatically
place them into a slotted rack or L rack. READ MORE at Slotted Racking 

End of Line Packaging

QComp’s end of line boxing and crating systems slotted utilize robotics to place glass and interleaf into a box.
These systems track the glass and pick it up on the fly and place it into a box. The robot can also place a piece
of interleaf between each piece to protect it. READ MORE at End of Line Packaging 

Interleaf Handling Systems

QComp specializes in interleaf handling systems which include rack unloading systems with interleaf removal and box packing with interleaf placement. READ MORE at Interleaf Handling Systems

Glass Handling Peripherals

QComp can complete your robotic glass handling systems by providing and integrating other equipment such as conveyors, turntables, tooling, safety guarding, and vision. READ MORE at Handling Peripherals

QComp Advantages:

  • Capable of handling a large range of glass sizes.
  • Multiple stacked and multiple layered racks are easily loaded and unloaded.
  • Dual-station rotary table allows for staging of one rack while another is being loaded or unloaded.
  • Servo-driven conveyors
  • Optional linear track for extended robot work envelope.
  • Automatic tool changer for quick tool changing to handle multiple-sized lights.
  • “Tin-side” or “Air-side” loading or unloading.
  • Sensors determine exact location and angle of rack.
  • Seamless integration with line controls.