Flexible Palletizing Solutions

We offer leading-edge robotic palletizer and depalletizer systems that utilize sophisticated software package for standard but flexible palletizing solutions, allowing the end user to create or modify case sizes as well as pallet patterns. We've developed unique palletizing cells from compact foot print styles to large multi lane in and outfeed systems. QComp's configurable palletizing cells can be adjusted to fit your space requirements while maintaining all of the latest RIA and OSHA regulations to keep your personnel safe. Our standard designs and customized palletizing systems can increase productivity and save you money by providing flexibility, high throughput and simple operation.

QComp Palletizing / Depalletizing System Features

image of QComp Robotic Palletizing System Peripherals
  • Compact space saving versions
  • Central palletizing versions
  • Multi-in and Multi-out configurations
  • Cases, trays, bags, bundles
  • ABB and FANUC robots available

Palletizing & Depalletizing Systems

Compact Lean Palletizer

QComp has added a new heavy lifter to their Palletizing line to better meet your production needs. The newly designed Compact Lean Palletizer can handle over 100 lb. cases...

5G Compact Lean Palletizer

QComp’s 5G Compact Lean Palletizer is the latest addition to QComp’s line of palletizers. The 5G Palletizer will stack bags, cases or trays at your point of production...

Single & Multi-Lane Palletizer

Just one of QComp's palletizing robots can palletize the production output from several production lines, resulting in a cost effective solution.

Bag Palletizer

QComp's robotic bag palletizer features a state-of-the-art palletizing robot with long reach and high payload with capabilities of palletizing up to ...

Specialty Palletizers

QComp's solution for palletizing hard-to-handle products was to develop several styles of grippers capable of picking up and palletizing most products.

Peripheral Equipment

QComp can complete your robotic palletizing systems by providing and integrating upstream and downstream equipment for your palletizing systems.

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