QComp robotic single or multi-lane Palletizer picking and placing boxes on pallet

Robotic Palletizing

Single & Multi Lane Palletizer

Just one of QComp's palletizing robots can palletize the production output from several production lines, resulting in a cost effective solution. QComp systems are capable of palletizing cases, bags, bundles, trays, totes and pails. Each palletizing cell is tailored to your specific project requirement and layout. QComp systems provide fast, push button changeovers and custom end-of-arm tooling to meet your production needs. Contact us to discuss your application requirements.

  • Separate product infeed conveyors and full pallet outfeed conveyors are provided for each product being palletized.
  • The gripper can be designed to pick up full rows of cases, empty pallets, and slip sheets.
  • QComp software makes it easy to program the robot for all the palletizing tasks.

Jordan Daun Ph: (920) 757-0775 Em: jdaun@qcomptech.com

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QComp Flex Palletizer photo
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QComp Flex Palletizer photo 3
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Jordan Daun
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Ph: 920-757-0775
Em: jdaun@qcomptech.com


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