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Reduce contamination risks and stay safe with robotic automation

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically and rapidly changed life for people around the world. Its severity and impact have manufacturers feeling challenged with what they can do to ensure their employees are safe and meeting social distancing requirements while continuing to operate and produce products without interruption.

Many are looking at changing operations to meet this new challenge and automation will be key. Automation can to improve production flexibility, aid in meeting social distance requirements, reduce contamination risks, and generally increase production to meet current and new production needs with more efficient and faster productivity.

How can robotics can help with social distancing requirement

Implementing or adding more automation to your process can minimize the number of employees required, help you meet social distancing requirements, and free up workers for other tasks.
image of QComp's Staubli food packing robot picking up fish sticks

Reduce contamination

  • Minimizing the number of workers required on your line will help minimize human contamination.
  • Sanitary designed robots can be used in Food applications providing automated clean-in-place systems that do not require disassembling the process to clean equipment.
  • Robotic solutions that can help with this include robots, cameras, conveyors, and many others.

Improve flexibility

  • Robots are fast, clean, safe, and efficient and can streamline production to make you more productive and adaptable.
  • Robots can be re-tooled and programmed to do different processes. Hard automation is just that, hard to adapt or change as processes change.
  • Automating repetitive tasks frees up employees to focus on other critical tasks.
image of Staubli Food Packing robot packing chocolates

Meeting new needs efficiently and faster

  • Robots can work for you 24/7 if needed and don’t need breaks making your process that much more efficient and much faster.
  • Robotic automation can be easily and quickly redeployed if operations change, and you need something else produced.

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