Utilizing Advanced Technologies In Automation

QComp offers a wide range of advanced Technologies to meet your automation requirements, whether it’s for packaging, palletizing, glass handling or manufacturing and assembly. Our technologies include: vision inspection; collaborative robots; small assembly robots; large industrial robots; and SCARA Robots.

QComp is a highly experienced vision solution provider with hundreds of robot installations. Approximately  75% of those robots utilize vision for targeting products to pick on the fly, or locate the edges of a glass panel, or rack, or for product inspection. QComp has applied the latest vision technologies to serve our customer needs. Contact us to see what we can do for your application.

QComp Technologies

Vision Technologies

QComp is a certified Partner System Integrator with Cognex PSI and offers the most advanced vision inspection technologies for your packaging...

Collaborative Robots

QComp has just teamed up with ABB’s amazing YuMi, the first truly collaborative dual armed robot, designed for a world in which humans and robots...

Small Assembly Robots

QComp has engineered systems applying small delta style robots or small six axis robots to perform various functions. The small robot cells are capable...

Large Industrial Robots

QComp has engineered many systems with a variety of large robot applications. QComp represents several robot manufacturers and we will select the...

SCARA Robots

QComp now offers SCARA robots, the latest Robot family addition to the broad ABB offering. The SCARA acronym stands for ...

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