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Vision Technologies

QComp's offers a line of the most advanced Vision Technologies to fit your applications, including  Product/ Vision Inspection, Case Inspection for Fully and Partially Closed Flaps, and 3D Inspection. The end result of vision technology integration is more efficient solutions for quality control and perfect placement, alleviating any jams downstream.

Advanced Vision Technologies

Product / Vision Inspection

QComp is a Cognex PSI ( Partner System Integrator) with a great deal of experience in various vision inspection criteria. Various new camera technologies are available...

Case Inspection for Fully & Partially Closed Flaps

QComp has performed open flap detection with a simple photo sensor or through the use of a laser line generator...

3D Inspection

QComp as a Cognex Preferred Integrator Partner is also a certified integrator of the New Cognex 3D camera. That's why our Vision Guidance & Inspection solutions have become...