Glass Industry

High Payloads, Speed & Flexibility With a Gentle Touch

Reduce Breakage and Ensure Safety

QComp Technologies is the crystal clear choice to achieve both in flat glass manufacturing. Our robotic glass packaging automation integrations optimize processes using vision-guided robotics, high-payload robots, and advanced inspection systems. Our ingenious approach to tooling, programming, and configuration is relied upon by global leaders in the glass industry.

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Glass Industry Solutions

Ready to shatter the competition without shattering your products? Discover a better way to improve safety and throughput with our automation solutions in the glass industry.

Glass Line Load


Glass line feed systems automatically take flat glass from a rack, box, or carton and place it onto a conveyor or process without breakage or human handling.

Rack Pack


Parametrically programmed solutions and proprietary 3D vision robots pick glass sheets and assembly components from a production line, autonomously placing them into a slotted or L-Rack.

Glass Boxing — End of Line


Use our robotic end-of-line boxing and crating systems to precisely and safely place glass and interleaf into boxes.

Advanced Conveyors


We design, manufacture, and integrate proprietary conveyor systems with turntables, inspection, marking, and other equipment to complete your robotic glass handling processes.