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A lot of robots can pick things up and put them down. But for complex, fragile, porous, or flexible items, the task of moving products with precision and speed requires a custom solution.

I know when I work with these guys, the job is going to get done.


Manufacturing Technology Director

The Brains Behind the Bot

The skilled design engineers at QComp elevate robotics and tooling to new levels with their customized programming and configuration capabilities that integrate with existing production lines and upstream processes. Their up-for-the-challenge mindset fuels their passion for developing solutions that simply work … and keep on working the way they should.

Our team takes a holistic approach to engineering, pushing the limits of what technology can do. 

Discovery Phase

We’ll meet with you to understand your challenges, ask questions, and strategize an end game to determine potential results and the feasibility of a solution.

Personalized Consultations

Our team will ideate potential solutions with your stakeholders, providing concepts and workshopping on the spot, allowing your team to provide real-time feedback.

Customized Solutions

Once approved, our engineering team gets to work designing and programming a solution based on the desired throughput, speed, precision, and other production needs. From there, we build it, test it, and perfect it.


Attention to detail doesn’t just happen in the design phase but throughout the entire process including installation. QComp’s technical team deploys your solution with experienced installers and programmers. They won’t leave until it works the way it’s supposed to.


QComp is respected across industries for its follow-through and quick response times. We have a reputation for staying with the job until it’s done and for going the extra mile to ensure customers are satisfied. Bottom line? We keep our promises.

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