Dynamic Cobot Solutions

Where Humans & Robots Meet

Sometimes workers just need a helping hand.

Collaborative robots (cobots) are cost-effective, safe, and flexible, designed to work side-by-side with workers to improve throughput, accuracy, safety, and job satisfaction.

Cobots are easy-to-use and intuitive machines that can automate many different processes. Unlike traditional automation solutions, cobots are easy to move, making them highly versatile. Their small footprint minimizes disruption to floor space and cell layout, and QComp’s cobot solutions can achieve complex tasks with ease.


Benefits of Cobots

Enhanced Worker Safety


Cobots improve workplace safety by taking on tasks that are potentially dangerous to humans: heavy lifting, repetitive movements, and operating dangerous machinery. Employees can be transferred from less attractive and hard-to-fill jobs and given opportunities to focus on more skilled and creative work for improved well-being.



Cobots give all the benefits of advanced robotic automation — like accuracy and speed — without the extra costs associated with traditional robots.


Hands controlling cobot with controller

Our cobots are intuitive, easy to move, and capable of automating processes right alongside humans. Once you’ve programmed them for specific locations and tasks, you can unplug and plug them back in anywhere on your manufacturing floor. Yes, it really is that simple.