A Leader in Non-Woven Material Handling

Fully Integrated Solutions for End-of-Line Processes

Pick, Pack, Assemble, Count, Test & Sort

QComp Technologies specializes in the non-wovens industry and has tackled (and solved) the toughest material handling challenges over the past 30 years. The industry’s manufacturing processes are ever-changing, and safety and regulations need to be upheld at every step. Introduce flexible robotics and automation into the equation for a consistent, verified, accurate solution that meets the requirements of multiple products and processes.


Non-Woven Automation Solutions

Our team integrates production equipment with material handling, hardware, and software to boost accuracy, consistency, reliability, and repeatability. Our robotic designs offer a fully integrated solution for your end-of-line processes. 

Bag Stack Palletizing


Palletizing solutions are designed to automate and streamline your end-of-line processes.

Wet Wipes Solutions


From hyper-precise lidding and case packing to bundling and palletizing, we have a solution.

Yard Refuse Bag Processing


With high throughput and payloads, our specialty palletizers can handle all types of difficult-to-handle products.