Pick & Place Solutions

Modular Picking Solutions for Any Budget and Throughput

Modern Supply Chains and Production Lines Require Modern Picking Solutions

QComp provides fast and efficient product-picking robotics that enhance productivity and safety while delivering unrivaled precision. Our team creates tailor-made automation solutions that integrate advanced end-of-arm tooling, conveyance, vision, and robotic systems. Multiple products? Not a problem. Our solutions are designed to handle SKU and recipe changes on the fly while keeping future scalability in mind.

Innovation doesn’t stop after installation. By standardizing systems, QComp reduces parts inventory and maintenance-related costs, enhancing your return on investment. Our consultative approach ensures your solution fits your unique needs and delivers measurable ROI for years to come.

QComp established its reputation in the Food and Consumer Goods industries with its expertise in clean rooms, explosion-proof requirements, and harsh wash-down environments, ensuring conformance with critical operating specifications. Our reputation in picking applications is further built on our expertise in applying the right technology from the right technology partners. Whether integrating Delta, SCARA, 6-Axis industrial robots or cobots, QComp ensures solutions will meet and exceed customer OEE every time – all of the time.

Picking Solutions

Uninterrupted Speed & Reliability

Many corporations find it difficult to fill positions for picking, sorting, and packaging due to the high speeds required and the risks of injury from repetitive motions. QComp designs its picking solutions with maximum repeatability, making automation more reliable and safer than ever.

Pouch Packer


QComp's fast and flexible high-speed pick & pack is the ultimate solution for minimizing labor-intensive picking tasks.

Lid Applicator

Lid Applicator_Baby Wipes

The high-speed lid applicator maximizes the throughput of your lidding application. Our customized cell features the flexible delta-style robot.



We understand your lower speed requirements and budget constraints, so we've engineered a small-footprint cartoning or tray-filling cell.

High-Speed Assembly & Kitting

Unrivaled Accuracy for Unparalleled Throughput

Can a robot see, feel, and think? Not quite. But QComp’s flexible high-speed assembly robotic solutions feature sophisticated vision-guided technology and leading-edge delta-style robots with remarkable picking and packing capabilities that will dramatically boost your packaging line productivity. With picking speeds up to three picks per second, sorting, collating, array building, and inspection, our picking systems are built with unmatched flexibility.  

Lid Pick, Glue & Place


Our proprietary high-speed lid applicator maximizes the throughput of your lidding application with pinpoint precision. The cell features a flexible delta-style robot.

Random Part Collating Picker


QComp has engineered and installed many variations of solutions that feed random parts into fixed automation equipment.

Assemble, Label, Inspect


Our packaging robot systems include assembly, labeling, RFID tags, vision inspection, carton and case packing.



Conveyor tracking and integrated vision systems allow for a scalable approach for future expansion.

Robotic Bundling

Stack, Label & Wrap

Do you require pre-bundling of products prior to case packing? With our proprietary combination of vision-based robotic picking and advanced control algorithms for product spacing, our bundling systems accommodate an endless variety of packaging requirements with speed, precision, and robustness.