Robot Vision Technologies

Seeing is Believing

QComp Technologies offers multiple lines of the most advanced vision technologies to fit your applications, including product/vision inspection, case inspection for fully and partially closed flaps, and 3D inspection. The result of vision technology integration is more efficient solutions for quality control and perfect placement, alleviating the probability of any jams downstream. 

ABB Vision Technologies

Vision Technology Solutions

Our extensive experience and ingenuity in vision technology help ensure accurate inspections across multiple applications. QComp is an official Cognex Partner Systems Integrator (PSI) and leverages the most advanced technology possible:

Product Inspection

Fanuc yellow robot that has a laser beam to inspect product

QComp’s innovative vision technology solutions perform a variety of inspections or laser scans to identify defects, missing parts, or improper assembly. Utilizing different lighting and camera technologies, we test each solution to confirm its validity for each application to ensure it’s the best solution possible.

3D Inspection


Customized 3D vision guidance and inspection solutions identify product locations for precise positioning of varying sizes and colors during product packing, glass racking, and process transitions. Data is repeatable and virtually flawless to minimize issues downstream. Solutions also include intuitive operator interfaces to monitor operations seamlessly.

Case Inspection


Our flap detection solutions leverage photo sensors or a combination of laser lines and camera systems. These systems accurately determine case flap positioning, critical for maintaining uptime. Our solutions can identify or reject cases or products before they reach palletizing systems to avoid jams or dropped products during the palletizing process.