Innovative Technologies

For Specialized Material Handling Applications

Robust Technologies for Robust Solutions

Solutions for complex material handling challenges require advanced robotics, tooling, vision technologies, and programming. QComp deploys the most capable solutions on the market.

That said, a robot is only as capable as the engineers who program it. QComp develops its own programming with easy-to-use operator interfaces, helping manufacturers maximize uptime and profits.

Capture a glimpse of our technology solutions below, and contact us to help you solve your specialized material handling challenges.


Our Partners

Our partnerships with robotics innovators allows us to configure the equipment that will work best for the job at hand.

Delivering Unrivaled Material Handling Solutions

QComp’s engineering team has mastered how to program multiple types of robots used in manufacturing and can configure them in ways that achieve difficult functions. We’ll leverage our experience to provide the most reliable design, smallest footprint, and best operator interfaces possible.


Achieve high–speed assembly of complex components that:

  • Integrate seamlessly with various materials handling equipment
  • Configure with high–speed vision, pick-and-place applications, component feed systems, precision transport conveyors, and more
  • Utilize adaptable solutions for various components and changes from one run to the next
  • Provide repeatability for critical areas where gentle handling is required 


Speed without accuracy is a recipe for trouble. QComp overcomes the challenge of achieving precise placement within tight tolerances and:

  • Deploys laser technology for more precise positioning when a robot packs products, racks glass, etc. 
  • Programs automation solutions capable of packing multiple color products and sizes
  • Based on customer criteria, our programming can reject defective cases or products before palletizing where inconsistent products can cause a jam or dropped product 

Testing & Detection

QComp can program multiple technologies to perform a variety of visual inspections or laser scans that:

  • Identify defects or missing parts using camera technologies
  • Locate parts, guide robots, and read barcodes for position, detection, and orientation
  • Test a solution to confirm its validity in an application utilizing different lighting and vision technologies
  • Implement flap detection with intricate  camera systems

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We’re up for the challenge! If you’d like to deploy the latest robotic technologies in combination with highly innovative programming and deployment, let’s talk.

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