Robotic Palletizing & Depalletizing Systems

Flexibility & High Throughput for Complex Material Handling

Whether Coming or Going, QComp Technologies is Your Trusted Palletizing Innovation Leader

Our experience and ingenuity provide global manufacturers with robust robotic solutions to optimize their processes. We use vision-guided robotics and collaborative systems to guarantee high-speed palletizing and depalletizing without sacrificing rigorous throughput and quality requirements. 

With a comprehensive lineup ranging from standard collaborative palletizers for light workloads to fully customized multiple robot industrial solutions, we offer systems that can handle a complex range of product sizes and patterns. Cycle times are optimized through single, multiple, and layer pick programming.


Palletizing Solutions

QComp’s robotic solutions go beyond simply moving boxes, although we’ve mastered that, too. We have extensive experience with robotic palletizing of complex material handling for bottles, bags, shrink-wrapped products, and more with or without slip sheets to meet your throughput rate requirements and minimize ergonomic injuries. As for everything in between, QComp’s team of subject matter experts focuses on the integration of ancillary equipment, from case erectors and sealers to slip sheet dispensers, pallet dispensers, and labelers.

Compact Palletizer


Streamline the palletizing process in confined spaces by arranging and stacking products onto pallets with precision and speed using our compact systems. 

Bag Palletizer


QComp's bag palletizer features state-of-the-art vacuum or high payload robotics with claw tooling capable of palletizing up to 20 bags per minute.

Specialty Palletizers


Handle irregularly shaped items and delicate materials, and manage packaging needs with our custom-designed, tested, and proven specialty palletizers.

Single & Multi-Lane Palletizer


1-to-1 or 1-to-many, QComp designs palletizing solutions tailored to your unique throughput, floor space, and packaging pattern needs.

Cobot Palletizer


Find the balance between safety and productivity with a custom cobot application and deployment. We provide training to further enhance worker safety. 

Depalletizing Solutions

Go beyond your previous limitations with QComp’s high-speed, reliable depalletizing solutions for complex material handling requirements.

We have a comprehensive lineup ranging from standard collaborative depalletizers for light workloads to fully customized multi-robot solutions. Our robotic depalletizing systems tackle all pallet configurations and product sizes, including homogenous, single-SKU, and heterogenous mixed-SKU configurations. As with our palletizing systems, there are almost no product limitations.

QComp’s solutions can also utilize a mix of delayering and individual and multi-product picking capabilities with tools for singulation that drastically reduce square footage and conveyor requirements.